Modern Times Beer

This award-winning brewery seamlessly blends craft beer culture with modern art and activism. The Modern Times tasting rooms are more like a beer-themed art gallery than your traditional taproom. You’ll find funky decor like graffiti murals, intricate woodwork designs, and even swings hanging from the high ceilings. Most creative of all is the beer itself – from the punchy names like “Fruitlands” and “Asteroid Smash” to the eye-popping can designs sure to catch your attention. With everything from hazy IPAs and crispy pilsners to coffee stouts and fruited goses on tap, everyone in your group can indulge in their perfect pour. Oh, and the flavors are just as bold and unique as the branding!

Address: 3725 Greenwood St, San Diego, CA 92110

Phone: 619-546-9694

Pure Project

If fresh and crisp is your brewery vibe, Pure Project is your spot. Their focus on brewing beers sustainably from raw ingredients makes for a seriously refreshing experience. These beers are unpasteurized and unfiltered, packing huge flavor while keeping things light and drinkable. The tap list features an ever-rotating selection of classic styles and funky fermentations. Sipping on Pure’s beers is the perfect way to chill on a sunny San Diego day. Even the brewery spaces themselves have an unmistakably breezy, coastal ambiance with plenty of open-air seating and tropical plant life surrounding the bar areas. Between the good-for-you ingredients and laid-back vibes, Pure Project is a no-brainer stop on any San Diego brewery tour.

Societe Brewing Company

Societe, French for “society,” has certainly made its mark on San Diego’s brewery culture in a grand way. Founded by brewers from the iconic Russian River Brewing Company, Societe has amassed countless awards and a loyal local following for its clean, refined takes on Belgian-inspired ales and lagers. The tasting room itself looks like it was plucked straight from a Brussels beer hall with woodwork and chandeliers galore. For the full experience, grab a seat at the long communal tables surrounded by brewing equipment to take in the sights, smells, and unmistakable brewing ambiance. While Societe excels at classic Belgian styles like golden strong ales and rich dubbels, their West Coast IPAs have also brought in major acclaim. No matter what’s in your glass, it’s bound to be both memorably delicious and unmistakably Societe.

Address: 8262 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111

Mikkeller San Diego

You don’t have to speak Danish to appreciate the craft and creativity of Mikkeller’s San Diego taproom. This Copenhagen-based brewery has brought an international spirit to the beer scene with its experimental and convention-defying brews. Mikkeller pushes the boundaries of beer with ingredients ranging from bergamot and mushrooms to chili peppers and French toast (yes, really!). Even their takes on traditional styles are elevated to artistry with meticulous detail and unique twists. The vibe of the industrial-chic brewery matches its outgoing attitude, seamlessly blending an urban, international aesthetic with unmistakable San Diego flair. Grab a bartender’s pick flight or let their knowledgeable staff guide you to a new favorite on tap. One thing’s for sure, your taste buds are in for a one-of-a-kind experience at Mikkeller San Diego!

Burgeon Beer Company

Come to Burgeon for the tea-infused beers and hazy IPAs, stay for the convivial atmosphere and friendly service. This laid-back brewery in the Beverlywood neighborhood perfectly captures the spirit of a true neighborhood hangout. Burgeon offers a charming, low-key spot to kick back, play some board games, and simply enjoy great beer in the company of friends. Of course, that’s not to say the beer itself is low-key – flavors are bold, showcasing all sorts of creative ingredients from jasmine to guava and coconut. The family-owned brewery keeps things fresh by constantly rotating their 20+ tap list to keep locals and visitors alike coming back for more. Their covered outdoor space is prime real estate for SoCal brewery exploration, letting that ocean breeze flow through as you chat it up over a phenomenal pint.

Address: 6350 Yarrow Dr STE C, Carlsbad, CA 92011

Phone: 760-814-2548

Mother Earth Brew Co.

In the heart of Downtown Vista, Mother Earth is one brewery that needs to be on every San Diegan’s radar. This humble neighborhood staple opened in 2008 and has since cultivated a cult following for its seasonal selections and portfolio of daring stouts and strong ales. Step into their rustic-chic taproom to experience the full essence of SoCal laid-back comfort and culinary-inspired brewing. Sip on full-flavored but approachable brews like the creamy Cream Ale or subtly spicy Serrano’d IPA, or go all out with one of Mother Earth’s highly acclaimed imperial stouts or barleywines. Personal touches like creative taplists scribbled on butcher paper and perpetually scruffy pups hanging around the taproom remind you that Mother Earth is pouring for the locals – but their world-class beers are sure to delight any beer aficionado.

Resident Brewing

You may need to take a double take when approaching the colorful Resident Brewing taproom, which looks more like an art exhibit popped up in an alleyway. But this welcoming and quirky brewery is very much permanent, and so are the flavors of their must-try IPAs and imperial stouts. Inside, Resident embraces its artsy ethos with vibrant murals, funky decor, and a laid-back living room vibe. The beer itself is also a work of art, showcasing the brewers’ masterful ability to blend complex flavor profiles while keeping each sip balanced and drinkable. Their signature IPAs find that perfect sweet spot between hoppiness and fruitiness, while the imperial stouts and porters are velvety smooth with rich, decadent notes of cocoa, coffee, and spices. Resident may have a quirky persona, but it’s serious about brewing, and that passion comes through in each innovative and memorable pour.

Address: 411 C St, San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: 619-717-6622

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